Tuesday, October 16, 2012

She finally has a blog!

Cinnamon is our little spice of life.  We gave her that name because she has a natural zest for life . We are also a family of foodies. We had just buried our 15 month old Airedale Terrier (who died suddenly of unknown causes) the day before we met her. We had no intentions of going to a animal shelter that day. We saw a sign for a animal shelter after dropping off are children to their friends house.  The shelter was a block away. We had to go.  As we entered the kennels she was the very 1st dog we saw.  Her whole bottom begin to shake. We were smitten and adopted her.

Cinnamon was a year old and pregnant. She had to stay with a foster to birth her pups. She had 6 and 5 died of parvo and the lone survivor was quickly adopted. We had to wait until the puppies were weaned to bring her home.

The 1st few months were challenging. We did not do are homework on her bred as we did are previous dog. We chose Cinnamon for her captivating looks. She is a striking liver and white American Cocker Spaniel. We were unaware of her many allergies. She was on meds and constantly at the Vet. Once we adjusted her diet her allergies disappeared.

Cinnamon has a sweet and calm demeanor. She has been a wonderful companion. She is always ready to accompany us on a walk. She watches what ever is on TV without a complaint. She keeps the  kitchen floor spotless. She is fearless and easily approaches a new person or pet.

I must say my favorite thing about Cinnamon is the very 1st day she came home she went to the back door and sat and looked at us. We realized she wanted to be let out and that was our house broken lesson.

Cinnamon has made a recent move with us. We moved from TN to Maine. The drive was over 1400 miles and we stayed in a pet hotel only once. Surprisingly she did not want to relieve her self very often and would only eat if our daughter hand feed her.

She is adjusting nicely. The home we live in does not have a backyard so we are all adjusting to having to take her out on leash.

 She is friendly to our neighbors. She loves the long walks and is over excited when she picks up new scents in the trails near by.

We all are excited about this new adventure in Maine and are happy to have our Cinnamon to journey with us.

Will keep you posted!

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