Friday, July 26, 2013

1st Friday Find!!!

Hello everyone, we are glad you stopped by to enjoy our Friday Find. Our 1st Friday Find was discovered the day we moved here last September. It is the AMaineZing trail which is also our backyard. It is fun to explore. Unfortunately today we can't show you more because Cinnamon does not like the rain. So stop by next week you might actually see much more.

Hope you find some wonderful things today!


  1. Stupid rains!

    It's really cool that you have a trail right outside your back door, that's something Boomer and Dottie would love rain or not!

  2. I look forward to cyber visits and enjoying your backyard with Cinnamon. Looks like a great place to live.
    Hope the rain goes away and you have a pawtastic weekend!

  3. what an incredibly GORGEOUS back yard you have! So beautiful, you are truly blessed. I would LOVE to take a walk there.
    Loved your encouragement to Cinnamon to come out and I loved the hesitation she showed...poor baby, hated the rain!
    Have a great day!
    Barks and licks and love,

  4. We couldn't watch the video:( Bummer!

    Anyway,we have a favor to ask! We would really love for you to vote for Phe! We plan on donating part of the winnings to the animal shelter where Phe came from and the rest of it will buy our doggie food if she wins! You can find out more here:

    Sure hope you will vote!

    1. Thanks for the info regarding video trouble. The video is working now. I will definitely go cast my vote!