Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Friday Find!!

Happy Friday friends, thanks so much for your encouraging words for Cinnamon she is feeling so much better. She coughs less and less each day. Yesterday I did not hear her cough at all.

Our Fun Friday find is about Bailey Island noontime cruise. Living in Maine is AMaineZing. We have been here since September and each day has been beautiful. Each season holds something special. I must say that I completly understand why this state swells from 1 million to 6 million inhabitants in the summer. They come to see the natural beauty of this state.

This past Saturday I left Cinnamon at home to take a boat tour with my mom to Bailey island. Casco Bay lines  offers many cruises in the summer. We took the noontime cruise. This is a narrated noontime cruise that departs from Bailey island at noon and cruises through Potts Harbor, past Eagle Island and Haskell island with a peek at Mackerel Cove. It was a breath taking cruise. The day was sunny and the temperature perfect. The sail lasted 1hour 45 min. I plan to take a few more cruises with my husband and children before the season ends. Unfortunately this cruise line does not offer cruises with pets. Yet it is well worth your time to come and enjoy. We took some beautiful pictures of the cruise. After the cruise we explored Bailey island and enjoyed the Giant Steps. This is a area known by Mainers.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great photos, It looks a lovely place to be.


  2. Your photos are beautiful. That is up by Portland, ME, isn't it. I spent about two hours in Portland and feel in love with it. Maine is really beautiful! - Jobi